The Council Boundaries (as stated in the Bylaws) are as follows:

  • North: 118 Freeway east from Reseda Boulevard east to Aliso Wash.
  • East: Aliso Wash south from 118 Freeway to Devonshire Street, east on Devonshire Street to Balboa Boulevard, south on Balboa Boulevard to Lassen Street, east on Lassen Street to Woodley Avenue, south on Woodley to Plummer Street, west on Plummer to Hayvenhurst Avenue, south on Bull Creek to Nordhoff Street.
  • South: Nordhoff Street west from Bull Creek to Reseda Boulevard.
  • West: Reseda Boulevard north from Nordhoff Street to the 118 Freeway.

Here’s a map of the boundaries; you can zoom in and drag the map to focus on any area. The blue markers show the location of the Northridge Woman’s Club (the location of our regular meetings) and Northridge Park Recreation Center (the location of our agenda setting meetings).

View NENC Boundary Map in a larger map